DAMPAS: From theoretical research to applicative experimentation

DAMPAS project addresses issues in the field of distributed algorithms. It provides a set of tools, both theoretical and applicative, dedicated to their study, proof and implementation.

This project includes sotfware tools, used by researchers, teachers and students.

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ViSiDiA software visualizes the simulation of distributed algorithms, using graph rewriting rules, mobile agents or moving sensors.

Written in Java, ViSiDiA software contains an programmation interface (API) to develop your own algorithms!

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The DAMPAS project is in relation to the Loco library, written in Coq proof assistant, dedicated to formal proofs of local computation systems and generic properties of the main classes of these algorithms.

Within the DAMPAS project, formal developments using refinement and implemented on RODIN platform can be found in Formal Developments. The tool B2ViSiDiA allows the automatic generation of a Java code for ViSiDiA from an Event-B specification of distributed algorithms.